The Ultimate Intro Meeting

Brendan Frazier

Learn How To Effortlessly Qualify And Convert Prospects in 30 Minutes (Without Being Salesy)

A step-by-step formula that:

  • Ensures you're meeting with the perfect prospect for your business
  • Accelerates trust and connection from the minute you sit down
  • Frames your services as the cure they desperately need
  • Provides the clarity that working with you is a "no-brainer"

Every financial advisor has experienced the prospect meeting hangover.

The feeling you get when you do everything you were taught when meeting with a stranger for the first time.

  • Start by building some rapport
  • Ask about their goals and what they want to accomplish
  • Convey your expertise, explain what you do, and provide a story of how you've helped someone just like them
  • Close and ask if they want to move forward

But, when they leave you're left thinking that this approach never actually works the way you were promised it would.

Something feels off.

Meanwhile, you're left wondering:

-"Did they think it went well?"

-"Will they actually follow up?"

-"What could I have said/done to help them see the value?"

And, worst of all, as you look back you didn't even feel like yourself. You felt more like a car salesman than a financial planner.

The prospect meeting hangover can be summed up this way:

The approach you've been taking into these meetings is nothing more than a crapshoot. You never truly know how they felt or if they'll ever be a client.

Sound familiar??

You're not alone. But, let's switch gears and think about something else for a second.

Every now and then, you've had the opposite of the prospect meeting hangover.

You've had a meeting where everything just "clicks."

The meeting where the prospect leaves and you think to yourself: "Imagine if every meeting went like that!"

But, seriously, take a minute and imagine what it would be like for that to be the norm for your prospect meetings rather than the exception.

You're confident that in every meeting:

  • You'll create trust and connection instantly
  • They open up and tell you everything you need to know
  • They fully understand how your services solve their problem
  • There's no need to close because they are eagerly awaiting the next meeting

Good can have these meetings every single time.

Bad can't just wake up one day and expect to magically transform your meetings.

You need a tested formula to consistently and predictably create that type of meeting.

Introducing The Ultimate Intro Meeting

The intro meeting is the lifeblood of an advisory business.

And, I was tired of hearing advisors complain about how they felt after these meetings.

So, for the last four years, I researched everything I could on the psychology of prospecting, collaborated with advisors around the world, and tested different methods of conducting prospect meetings.

And packaged the formula into this course.


👉 Worrying whether the person will ever "follow up."

👉 Wondering whether you effectively communicated your value.

👉 Feeling like the "icky" car salesman after trying to hard close.

It's a step-by-step playbook to effortlessly qualify and convert prospects in 30 minutes (without ever feeling salesy).

If you recognize that the intro meeting is the lifeblood of your business and have always wondered if there was a better way...

The Ultimate Intro meeting was built just for you.

What's Inside:

  • 25+ video lessons covering four key pillars:
    • Pillar #1: The Foundation
      • Defining The Purpose of The Meeting
      • Prospect Meeting Economics
      • Most Common Roadblocks to Success
    • Pillar #2: Pre-Meeting Essentials
      • Screening For The Perfect Prospect
      • Inside The Mind of the Prospect
      • Prepping The Prospect For Success
    • Pillar #3: Nailing The Meeting
      • The 30-Minute Meeting Framework
      • Building Your Own Framework
      • Prospect Conversation Breakdown
    • Pillar #4: Post-Meeting Essentials
      • Building A Follow-Up Process
      • Clearly Defining Next Steps
  • Access to the following resources:
    • Best Question Menu
    • Build Your Framework Worksheet
    • Pre and Post-Meeting Email Templates
    • Pre-Meeting Agendas
    • Screening Form/Questionnaire

Who It's For:

If you're still reading at this point, I don't even hesitate in saying that you are exactly who this is for!

However, if you're still on the fence it's for any advisor or planner that:

  • Wants to improve their confidence and success in converting prospects into clients
  • Has always thought there has to be a more comfortable way to do these meetings
  • Hates "selling" but wants to help more people
  • Is tired of hearing "I need to think about it" and being "ghosted

And is ready to change NOW!



Who are you and why should I listen to you?

I'm Brendan Frazier. I've been in the financial advice industry since 2011 working with clients and advisors.

In 2018, I launched Wired Planning and The Human Side of Money Podcast, which has provided the opportunity to speak to and coach advisors around the world on mastering the human side of advice to enhance their clients' lives and forever change the trajectory of their business.

What will I learn in this course?

The proven and tested framework that I've taught advisors around the world to enhance the quality and outcomes of their intro meetings by leveraging psychological and behavioral principles that motivate people to take action.

Not only does it result in prospects becoming life-long clients, but it leads to clients who pay more, refer more, follow through on their tasks, and consolidate assets.

How is this different than The Ultimate Discovery Meeting course?

Yes! Much different. If you think about the ideal meeting flow, it goes:

Intro Meeting --> Discovery Meeting.

Two completely different meetings with two completely different purposes.

The ultimate intro meeting lays the foundation for the ultimate discovery meeting. You can't have one without the other.

Wait a minute...why is it only $199?

Great question. It's a long explanation, but here's a short summary:

It's not the primary source of revenue. "The Human Side of Advice Masterclass" is our flagship product and the one that I would recommend all advisors do. But, every time I open up the HSOA Masterclass for new applications, there are always a number of people who reach out to say they wish they could do it, but they can't afford it.

So, I wanted to create something that was:

1) Affordable for anybody

2) Insanely valuable for anybody

How long will it take to see results?

If you set aside the time and invest your focus and energy on learning and applying the principles and formula, you'll start to see results in your next meeting.

Like anything, though, the more practice you get, the better you'll be. So, the biggest results will likely be in 3-6 months.

What if I decide this wasn't right for me?

We happily stand behind and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Everything in this course has been extensively researched and tested.

However - and this is important - only join if you intend to apply what you're learning. This isn't intended to simply consume information. It's intended to take action.

How much time do I need to commit?

To watch the video lessons and read the resources, you'll only need 3-4 hours.

To brainstorm how to apply the information and practice it might take a little more than that.

I want this!

A package of video lessons, templates and resources to take your prospect meetings to the next level.

Video Lessons
27 Short Videos
Best Questions Menu
Intro Meeting Framework
Build Your Meeting Worksheet
Pre-Meeting Email Template
Post-Meeting Email Template
Pre-Meeting Agenda
Talk Time Tracker
Excel Spreadsheet

The Ultimate Intro Meeting

I want this!